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International Herpesvirus Workshop

* Those designated with Oral Presentation were chosen to give an oral presentation as well as a poster presentation.


Missoula, MT

Brittany Geiler - HCMV suppresses necroptosis to promote survival of HCMV-infected monocytes 

Dilruba Akter - HCMV Induces the Cellular Stress Response Transcription Factor HSF1 to Promote Viral Gene Expression and Replication (Oral Presentation)


Virtual Workshop

Jamil Mahmud - Virion-Associated US28 Rapidly Modulates Akt Activity To Suppress HCMV Lytic Replication in Monocytes (Oral Presentation)

Michael Miller - HCMV Rewires Host Stress Responses to Drive Protein Synthesis and Promote the Survival of Infected Monocytes

Brittany Geiler - Human Cytomegalovirus Usurps cFLIP To Rapidly Block the Extrinsic Death Pathway During Infection of Monocytes

Dilruba Akter - HCMV Induces the Cellular Stress Response Transcription Factor HSF1 to Promote Viral Gene Expression and Replication


Virtual Workshop

Michael Miller - HCMV Modulates Protein Translation to Ensure the Survival of Infected Monocytes 

(Oral Presentation)

Jennifer Cheung - Inhibition of MCL-1 as a Novel Antiviral Strategy for HCMV Infection in Myeloid Cells

(Oral Presentation)

Nicholas Smith - Single-cell RNA sequencing of HCMV infected monocytes reveals heterogeneity and the expansion of an intermediate monocyte population (Oral Presentation)

Jamil Mahmud - Human Cytomegalovirus G Protein-coupled Receptor US28 Regulates AKT Phosphorylation to Induce Latency in Monocytes (Poster Presentation)


Knoxville, Tennessee

Michael Miller - The Aberrant Regulation of AKT Signaling Promotes the Survival of Infected Monocytes (Poster Presentation)

Jamil Mahmud - Coordinated HCMV Glycoprotein-Mediated Signaling is Required for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Activation and Monocyte Survival (Poster Presentation)

Nicholas Smith - HCMV Induction of Autophagy Represses Necroptotic Death in Infected Monocytes (Poster Presentation)


Vancouver, Canada

Aaron Altman - HCMV Induction of Early Autophagy Drives Survival of Infected Monocytes (Oral Presentation) 


Ghent, Belgium

Olesea Cojohari - Human Cytomegalovirus uses miRNAs to Temporally Control AKT Activity and Medicate Monocyte to Macrophage Differentiation (Oral Presentation)

Megan Peppenelli


Madison, Wisconsin

Megan Peppenelli - HCMV Mediated Signaling Induces the Synthesis of Select AKT-dependent Antiapoptotic Proteins During Entry to Promote Survival of Short-Lived Monocytes (Oral Presentation)

Olesea Cojohari


Boise, Idaho

Megan Peppenelli - A Unique Signalsome Induced By Human Cytomegalovirus During Entry Targets the Translation of Caspase 3 Regulatory Proteins Ensuring the Survival of Infected Monocytes (Poster Presentation)

Olease Cojohari


Kobe, Japan

Megan Peppenelli - Human Cytomegalovirus Binding Induces a Unique Signaling Network Specifically Required for the Survival of Infected Monocytes (Oral Presentation)

Olesea Cojohari - Human Cytomegalovirus Induces an Atypical Activation of AKT to Promote Monocyte Survival (Oral Presentation)

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