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Gary Chan, PhD, featured on Upstate's The Informed Patient Podcast. Dr. Chan discusses the CMV, or cytomegalovirus, and how his lab team seeks treatments to protect vulnerable patients. The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases recently awarded more than $3 million to Chan, an associate professor of microbiology and immunology, to study the virus, which is carried by about 80% of people around the world. Click the image to listen!

Dr. Gary Chan featured in Upstate Medical University "Happening in Research". Recently, Dr. Chan was awarded more than $3 million over five years from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases to work to find a treatment for one of the most dangerous infections for transplant recipients. This will be his third R01 obtained in his time here at Upstate Medical University.

Brittany Geiler,  hosts second season of SUNY Upstate Medical University Podcast Admission Granted. This podcast about how to be successful in applying for graduate program in healthcare and medicine, from Upstate students for prospective students. Click the image to listen!

Jamil Mahmud featured by Millipore Sigma in an article series called Impossibles: Your Stories on Scientific Achievement. Jamil writes about his next great impossible to revolutionize the current anti-HCMV treatment and develop one that prevents HCMV infection and diseases associated with the virus itself. Click the image to read the article!

Dr. Gary Chan speaks with radio host, Linda Cohen, from HealthLink On The Air about his research into the effects of human cytomegalovirus infection, also known as HCMV.


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International Herpesvirus Workshop (IHW) is a yearly meeting that showcases the high-quality science and provide students, fellows and PIs the opportunity to present their work to the greater IHW audience.

Invited Presentations

Junior Awards for Microbiology (J.A.M) Talk Series 

Jamil Mahmud - Feb. 22nd 2022

HCMV G Protein-coupled Receptor US28 Regulates AKT Phosphorylation to Induce Viral Latency in Monocytes

Eastern New York ASM Trainee Symposium

Brittany Geiler - March 25th 2022

A Matter of Life and Death: Investigating How Survival is Mediated in HCMV-infected Monocytes

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